About Our Store

Liviqon Wall Art LLC is a privately held metal decorations designer, manufacturer and supplier.

There is a saying: "An art piece is a poem without words". Art expresses things that words just cannot utter. That's what brings us into your life. Liviqon is formed so you find the art you love and let it speak in your space.

At Liviqon, we specialize in metal wall arts and we are serving and making sure for you to have premium quality and aesthetically pleasing metal decorations with top-notch craftsmanship.

As one of the rising stars in the metal art industry, we prefer to do business by earning our customers' trust and confidence. In a short span of time, this trustworthiness let us serve seven continents along with expanding our strategic location to North America.

Our company is composed of service-oriented mindset people and dedicated to exceeding expectations by providing the highest quality in both products and customer needs. %100 customer satisfaction is our number one priority and in order to build this relationship, we maintain high expectations for ourselves.

It is a sincere pleasure and honor to assure you that our goal is to satisfy you.

Let Liviqon show you its incandescent service!